The ideal palette for any lash artist!

We designed the Luxury Eye palette as glass so to make it, sturdy, sleek and easy to clean and disinfect.  The light background assists precision work and reduces eye fatigue and rubber stoppers on the underneath keeps the palette in one place while you work.

– Works perfectly with the silicone lash pad, making changing your curls and lash strips simple & fuss free

– The glass palettes available in our web-shop is compatible with the lash organiser . Your eyelashes can now be stored easily, in your own system, in a hygienic and aesthetic way.

-Eyelashes placed on the lash palettes, and the lash palettes in the lash box are easy to handle.

Lash palette comes in a paper box.


Key info:

• Glass
• 6mm – 14mm

Glass Lash Palette