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Do you find that your glue isn’t drying as quick as you want it to? Do you use a fast-drying glue yet find that it still isn’t as quick drying as you want it to be?

As Lash Artists, we are all looking how to speed up our working time safely and effectively without compromising the quality of our work. This is the product that will help you achieve that! An essential item for all Advanced Lash Artists!


How does it work?


  • Speeds up the drying time of any type of glue
  • Suitable for any glue type
  • Fresh smell of mint
  • Super Speed, Speed Up Solution
  • Cost effective, with a shelf life of 1 year (unopened), 3 months (once opened)

Store in a cool, dry place


Speed up solution

  • How to use?

    Apply Speed Up Solution using a small amount on a microbrush (don’t apply too much) and run it directly on to the lashes on the strip right before the eyelash extension procedure. You will want to ensure that you are you applying it where you will make contact with the glue for the most effective results – right at the base.


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